The forthcoming event – our 10th in the US – will feature a refined version of last year’s format, designed to improve the value proposition for our clients, and networking will be further emphasized.  The CAB event now takes the form of a boutique exposition capped by an advisory session, where you will have the opportunity to shape and influence our current and future products and services, for our mutual benefit.

In addition to the expositions, you will be able to participate in workshops, panel discussions, product and solution demonstrations, forums and special events. 

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“I personally have attended numerous conferences over the years and the recent 2019 CAB Event stands at the top of the list. EPI-USE brought together a rare combination of deep global experience, unbridled drive for excellence and a genuine commitment to partnership with your clients and sponsors. On behalf of one of your newest sponsors ClearStar, we congratulate the CAB Committee and EPI-USE for an exceptional experience. We are excited to be partnered with EPI-USE and look forward to participating in the next CAB Event.”
— Brad Carlson, Chief Revenue Officer
“I have learned more in 2 days with EPI-USE experts at the Client Summit than I would typically gather in a full week at other events.”
— Ron Wood, I.H.S Markit
“I cannot thank you enough for the invitation to CAB and the experience I had with the groupelephant.com team and clients. In all my years of networking and partnering, this was unique.”
— Van Davis, American Airlines

EVENT Sponsors

For more information on the event, please contact:

isabel.grobler@groupelephant.com  +1-415-370-3713

wendy.emery@us.epiuse.com  +1-530-613-6310

jana.kotze@epiuse.com  +27-83-554-334