1) When is the Client Summit & Advisory Board meeting
taking place?

The Event will take place from Monday, March 12 through Wednesday, March 13. Please plan to arrive by 5PM or earlier on Monday with a departure after breakfast Wednesday if possible.


2) What is the cost for attending CAB?

We ask that clients to pay for their airfare and ground transportation to the resort. will take care of the rest.


3) What is the dress code?

The dress code is business casual.


4) Will the content from The CAB be distributed?

Content that is not considered confidential can be shared upon request.


5) What will the weather be like in Scottsdale?

The daytime temperature is pleasant, but the evenings can be chilly – please plan accordingly.


6) Where can I find more information to prepare for The CAB event?

Information can be found on the event website

View more about the Sanctuary Resort & Spa at their website


7) Where can I learn about the agenda and what should I bring to the sessions? will provide a updated agenda via the event website  EPI-USE will provide notebooks
and pens.


8) How can I network with other clients?

The Summit is specially organized to include numerous opportunities for clients to network, from formal presentations and panel discussions to informal receptions and gatherings. Networking is strongly emphasized in our 8th annual Summit agenda.


9) How can I network with experts and partners?

This year marks a return to a more intimate and authentic advisory board format, with a relatively small number of clients in attendance. The event will comprise four broad sections, covering Group strategy and tactics, nascent ventures, breakaway sessions to evaluate certain of our leading new ventures and client-led discussion and feedback sessions. Guests will also enjoy opportunities to meet with our E.R.P representatives and ambassadors.


10) How to Reach Your CAB Concierge or mobile: +1  415-370-3713